0:00  Introduction
1:12  The Twin Solution: „Ghost“
5:06  The Twin Solution: „I don’t mind“
11:30 Talk I
21:20 The Twin Solution: „Soulstrip“
24:25 The Twin Solution: „The Fountain“
29:19 Talk II 
35:54 Redcharly: „Step up“ (Michael Frei)
39:38 Oliver Benz: „The Curtain“
44:14 Tiger Cartel: „Leviathan“ (Michael Frei)
48:07 Neverland: „Anguish“ (Oliver Benz)
52:40 Talk III
1:00:33 Jeff Buckley: „Lover, you should have come over“
1:07:06 Steven Wilson: „The raven that refused to sing“
1:14:29 Ben Folds: „The Ascent of Stan“
1:18:40 Talk IV
1:25:15 Tool: „Schism“
1:31:57 Katatonia: „The racing heart“
1:36:00 Second Function: „The other side“
1:39:48 Talk V
1:43:08 For all we know: „Busy being somebody else“
1:48:33 Talk VI
1:50:54 The Twin Solution: „Siren“